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Company specialized in hydraulic equipment, fixed fire fighting equipment in accordance with the NFPA20 standard, electrical installations, construction, carpentry, sustainable installations and general maintenance. We are dedicated to offering a wide range of services in the residential, commercial and industrial fields.


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Triangle Memphis Elements
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We also carry out electrical installations, taking care of the entire process, from planning and design, to the installation and maintenance of safe and efficient electrical systems. This may include installing wiring, lighting, power outlets, security and control systems, as well as performing electrical inspections and repairs.

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Triangle Memphis Elements

other services

Carpentry is another of the services we offer, carrying out work on the design, manufacture and installation of handcrafted furniture, creating unique pieces and decorative objects. In addition, we take care of repairs and maintenance of existing wooden structures.

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Furnace maintenance

We also have maintenance services in general, both preventive and corrective, to ensure that all facilities and equipment are in optimal operating conditions.

This involves carrying out regular inspections, cleaning, adjustments and repairs when necessary, with the aim of extending the useful life and performance of the systems.

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We are a company specialized in providing comprehensive and professional solutions for all needs related to hydraulic and fire systems, electrical installations, construction, carpentry, sustainable installations and maintenance in general. With the aim of guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers by providing a quality, efficient and reliable service to improve and maintain their facilities.

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